Save File Download:
Save File Location:
  • C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\<your-user-id>\632360\remote\UserProfiles\

This folder may be different if you installed Steam to a different location. <your-user-id> is unique to you and will be a medium-length series of numbers. (If there are multiple of these ID folders, the one you want will probably have a lot more stuff inside it, and should be the only one with a 632360 subfolder, which is the internal ID for Risk of Rain 2.)

To use this file: First navigate to the folder above and note the existing files if you have any profiles you want to keep. Next, open the game and create a new profile, then close the game. The new file in the directory is the profile you just created – copy the name of this newly created file, rename the downloaded save file to have the same name, then replace the profile with your now-renamed downloaded save.

The game settings will be the default. To change the profile’s name, open it in a text editor, find where it says <name>, and change ‘Blank’ to whatever you want. The challenges are mostly incomplete and should be available to track your own progress if desired.

Achievement Unlocks:
  • Minimal. Only about 20 achievements should unlock from this save file, primarily those for the Trials.
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