Neat Projects:

Save File Archive for Skipping Metaprogression

FTL Balance Mod

Brotato Balance Mod

Puzzle Hunt/ARG: Fortuity Conundrum

Culture Savvy (Android app version of the party game Celebrities, also known as Monikers or Time’s Up)


Voiced & Fully Edited Playthrus:

Undertale All Plays

OneShot Full Play

Doki Doki Literature Club Full Play

Phoenix Wright (Cases 1-4)

Chrono Trigger Revisit


Other Notable YouTube Content:

Undertale Reaction Compilations

FTL Tips & Tricks Series

Yume Nikki Causes Madness

Spelunky Highlights Playlist


Media Ratings:

Videogames, Visual Media, Books, Podcasts, Comics

Boardgames (Note the multiple pages)


Misc. Recommended Stuff:

“Playing to Win” article on game economies and Minecraft, by Alice Maz


RSI/Carpal Tunnel Tips & Suggestions

Poetry I’ve Written

Recommended Bundle Games

Codenames Custom Word List

List of Good Blind Speed-race Games

Among Us: ‘Skeld’ Expert Version Concept

Ligretto/Dutch Blitz Balanced Starts


Stories & Musings:

Revisiting My First Minecraft World

Ultima Online: The Bomb Squad

Password Complexity in Old Games


Silly Things:

Wellerman’s Best Friend

Homestuck Enjoyment Chart

Slay the Spire Alt Names

Ultimate Megamix

Romanian Cheese War


Other Stuff  I’ve Contributed To:

Walk the Plank (Boardgame I codesigned)

Final Fantasy 1 Randomizer

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Roguelike Radio (1 episode)

Kongai (Now Defunct)

Evolution (Now Defunct)

Misc. Other Game Balance/Bugfix Stuff


[I’ve opted to list an outline of things I’d like to have up here eventually – if it’s not linked then I haven’t found the time to put it up yet, but probably will eventually.]