This was last updated February 2022 – currently archived here for posterity.


===Misc. Hero Info===
* The number of characters for sale in the shop starts at three, increases to four on Round 3 (Natural Level 2.2), and increases to five on Round 7 (Natural Level 4.0).
* Bots will only ever play the free heroes.
* If multiple players die in the same round, the player that goes more negative in HP will place worse.
** If still tied, the player that had less HP before the fight began will place worse.
* Dead players (aka ghosts) lose their hero powers. Their boards will continue to scale with any scaling units they have.

* Upon hitting Level 6, immediately destroys all characters on your board and in your hand and gives you 7 random Tier-6 characters.
** Random characters will all be different than each other (so you receive 0 pairs), and they will not receive shop buffs (e.g. Gingerbread Party).
** This still happens the same way if you hit Level 6 by casting a spell.
** You always get exactly 7 units, even if you have less than 7 units on board.
** Does not destroy any spells you have in-hand (e.g. from playing as Mask).
** If you have Black Prism and cast The End, your characters will be consumed until you reach Level 6, and then your board will immediately be emptied and then filled with Tier-6 units, which will all be consumed.
* You still gain an extra character from For Glory when you cast it on Level 5.2 on win.

* Effectively, treat ”almost” all instances of the word ‘Evil’ on characters, spells, and treasures that affect your characters as if they said ‘Good’ instead. The technical implementation is that all of your non-neutral characters are simultaneously Good and Evil. In practice:
** Labyrinth Minotaur buffs your Good characters.
** Queen of Hearts is buffed by your dying Good characters.
** Wicked Witch will Support your Good characters.
** Shoulder Fairies’ stats are both based on your strongest Good characters.
** Pumpkin will summon ”naturally-Evil characters” (that become Good).
** Book of Heroes is still based on killing enemy Evil characters.
*** Enemies with Book of Heroes will proc it on ALL of your aligned characters.
** Crown of Atlas will make Neutral animals now aligned (and thus count for both Good and Evil effects like any other aligned character).
** Dark Contract buffs Good characters you buy.
** Ancient Sarcophagus activates on your Good characters dying.
** Shard of the Ice Queen transforms a Good character into a ”naturally-Evil character” (that becomes Good).
** Witch’s Brew can be cast on any of your Good characters.
** Beauty’s Influence can be cast on any of your Good characters.
** Evil Twin can be cast on any of your Good characters (and the copy becomes Good).
* Cannot be offered Corrupted Heartwood as a treasure.
** If you already have Heartwood (because of Dreaming), the newly affected units (naturally-Neutral animals/trees) will visually switch back and forth between Neutral and Evil, but appear to be affected by Beauty’s ability normally otherwise.

===Celestial Tiger===
* Behaves exactly like [[#Mimic|the treasure ‘Mimic’; see that section for interaction notes]].

* See [[#Coin of Charon|Coin of Charon]].

===The Cursed King===
* Can kill you if you don’t cast a spell.
** If this happens, you will still watch the fight, and you can still defeat your opponent and potentially place higher than they did.
* Spell cast from other sources do not count; you must buy a spell.

* Buff works as an aura for the duration of combat, so summons get full value (especially notable with Cat’s Call).

===The Fates===
* “Destined to Upgrade” means that the first shop you are offered every round will include the destined character until the character is upgraded.
* A quest unit, such as [[#Cinder-ella|Cinder-ella]], does not count as a character that can be destined to upgrade. The first character purchased after the quest unit will be destined to upgrade.
* If the destined character is transformed before it is upgraded (e.g., by [[#Shard of the Ice Queen|Shard of the Ice Queen]], [[#True Love’s Kiss|True Love’s Kiss]], [[#Polywoggle|Polywoggle]] slay), the transformed character will become destined.
** Note: If a Polywoggle is the destined character, and the second Polywoggle purchased from the shop slays and transforms, the first Polywoggle will remain destined.
* If you switch into The Fates (e.g., [[#It Was All a Dream|It was All a Dream]]) and the first character you purchase would result in an upgrade immediately, the character will still be destined to upgrade, and it will be offered in your first shop for the next three turns. If you have the [[#Excalibur|Excalibur]] treasure, the first character you purchase will still be destined to upgrade.

* Gains the benefits of the buff immediately if you level-up mid-fight. [This is currently not possible, but may be again in the future.]

===Hoard Dragon===
* If you triple a [[#Humpty Dumpty|Humpty Dumpty]], you will be offered [[#Easter Egg|Easter Egg]] and two Tier-3 Treasures.
* Stacks additively with Noble Steed, Rune Stones, and Treasure Map.

===King Midas===
* Will be offered Quest characters, and you can get treasures from completed Quests.
* If you have Locked Chest, you will not gain a treasure from it when it activates.

* See [[#Genie’s Wish|Genie’s Wish]] for Loki’s spell pool.
* Random spellcasts happen after you gain characters from other sources (e.g. [[#Polywoggle|Polywoggle]] or [[#For Glory|For Glory]]), meaning you can get spell-related benefits immediately for those characters.

* Generally gets as much benefit as possible from the switch; see [[#It Was All a Dream|the Dream spell section]] for specifics.

* Spells cast during combat will trigger Merlin’s ability.

* Tripling a character via Knighthood or Hand of Midas does still increment Mihri’s hero power.
* Completed quests don’t give a hero power benefit until the fight is over.
* Procing [[#Cinder-ella|Cinder-ella]] by casting The End or [[#Feed the Kraken|Feed the Kraken]] on her will not immediately give you a hero power stack; instead, you will get two stacks the next time you triple a royal. [This is a bug.]
* [[#Ambrosia|Ambrosia]] and Excalibur do not count as an activation for her hero power.
* See also: [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]].

* When one of your characters dies, first any resummons happen, then Mordred will attempt to summon a character from hand if there is room. For example, if you have 6 characters on board and a Black Cat dies, first the new cat will be summoned and then Mordred will summon a character from hand into the empty slot.
* Your extra character counts as “summoned” for Bearstein or Reduplicator purposes.
* Your extra character can also be affected by Last Breath effects from the character that just died to free up space.
* Echowood will not get buffed while in-hand.
* A unit just created by [[#Ogre Princess|Ogre Princess]] slaying or stolen by Kidnap will not yet be “in hand” until after the fight, and thus cannot be summoned yet.
* [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]] characters (e.g. Scion of the Storm) already have their stats when in your hand, so they don’t get re-calculated when summoned (and therefore do not provide extra benefit to Echowood).
* If you summon a Lightning Dragon from hand because a Lightning Dragon in play attacked and died, the summoned Dragon will not get a bonus attack.
* If you summon a Bearstein, it will not buff itself.
* If you summon a Court Wizard via a Royal dying, it will not get a bonus attack.

===Morgan le Fay===
* You gain treasure every time you drop to 20 or 5 HP – this means if you heal back above those breakpoints, you can get another treasure.
* Natural XP gain happens before her ability activates, which can give you a higher level treasure.
* Her ability is affected by Rune Stones and Treasure Map.
* [[#Locked Chest|Locked Chest]] procs before her ability, which could be relevant if you get Treasure Map.

* The ability is used up for the round as soon as your first Last Breath activates, even if it has no effect (such as a summon without room).
** This includes a Romeo that dies with no dead Juliet.
* Last Breath effects can be doubled regardless of how they were triggered (e.g. via Copycat).
* If multiple Last Breaths are activated during the same time step, the ”final” Last Breath that procs will be the one that is actually doubled by their ability. (This can happen because of Copycat or AoE damage).
** An upgraded Copycat with two Last Breaths behind it will activate Left-Right-Right-Left-Right.

===Pan’s Shadow===
* If Pan’s Shadow completes an Animal triple to gain Corrupted Heartwood, they will lose their ability for the turn. [This is a bug.]

===Peter Pants===
* The shop bonus will apply to a locked shop when you level up.
* Is guaranteed at least a single level 2 unit on turn 1

===Pied Piper===
* The bonus animal takes precedence when filling your shop, so it will always be added before anything else (including spells if you locked a shop).
* Round 7 and later (Natural Level 4.0), there won’t be enough room in the shop to add a free character (e.g. from [[#Kidnap|Kidnap]]) if your hand is full; they won’t replace normal shop-fills as they do with most heroes.

===Potion Master===
* Round 7 and later (Natural Level 4.0), there won’t be enough room in the shop to add a free character (e.g. from [[#Kidnap|Kidnap]]) if your hand is full; they won’t replace normal shop-fills as they do with most heroes.
** Timing for Ogre Princess is different, and characters created by her ability will still appear in the shop for $0.

===Sad Dracula===
* Bonus attack gained from Dracula’s ability does not apply immediately to Last Breath effects like Good Boy.
* Counts as having 1 copy of Hermes Boots; first attack will be random against another player with Boots. Will go second versus a Tiger/Mimic player with Boots.

* Does not gain extra Gold on Round 1.

===Sir Galahad===
* If you complete [[#Cinder-ella|Cinder-ella’s]] quest by casting [[#Eenie Meenie|Eenie Meenie]], the character gained by Eenie will not gain the Galahad buff.

* Will only see Tier-3 characters on their second turn.
* Can still cast a 0-cost spell on Turn 1.

===Snow Angel===
* Random units are capped by your current level.
* Free characters will appear in the shop if your hand is full. (‘Buying’ a free unit that appeared in the shop this way will not advance your ability counter.)
* If you have [[#Crown of Atlas|Crown of Atlas]], any animal you buy will decrement your ability counter.
** The random characters you get will still only be naturally-Good characters while you have Atlas.
* If you buy a royal while you have 2 Lonely Princes and gain a 3rd Lonely Prince from Snow Angel’s ability, the resulting tripled Lonely Prince will not flip into a Frog Prince. [This is a bug.]

===The Sphinx===
* If you level up during your turn, shop spells will immediately cost 0 for the rest of the round.

===Trophy Hunter===
* Your characters with Last Breath also have “Slay: [Last Breath effect]”. The Last Breath triggering does not itself count as a Slay.
* Grim Soul can target a Romeo even when no Juliet has died (thus wasting the proc).

===Wonder Waddle===
* Can combine only two copies of Lonely Prince if at least one of them has been flipped to a Frog Prince.

===General Character Info===
====Character Pool====
* There are 15 of each Tier-2 through Tier-5 character available in the pool; there are 10 of each Tier-6 character.
* Characters acquired from any source remove 1 from the pool; upgraded characters from any source count as 3 removed from the pool.
* You can still acquire characters past the pool cap via [[#Kidnap|Kidnap]] or [[#Evil Twin|Evil Twin]]; they just won’t show up in the shop any more.
====Questing Characters====
* Once you have acquired a Questing unit from any source (purchased, [[#Polywoggle|Polywoggle]], [[#Kidnap|Kidnap]], etc.) it is removed from your shop pool for the rest of the game (even if you sell it).
* Quest units can be tripled (via [[#Kidnap|Kidnap]] or [[#Evil Twin|Evil Twin]]), and they will lose their quest (but still give you the normal treasure for tripling).
* Quest units retain their quest if [[#Knighthood|Knighted]] or if you get an upgraded one from a [[#Polywoggle|Polywoggle]]; they will still give you a treasure when the quest completes (but they get no addition stats).

====Attack Queue====
* Starting with a random player, characters take turns attacking one at a time, starting with the left-most front character, going across the front row, continuing with the left-most back-row character, and eventually looping back to the front row if there is anything there.
* The attack queue doesn’t move until it is your turn, and it only moves if one of: a) the slot is empty; b) the character present just attacked (summons count as new units); or c) the character has 0 attack.
* The queue will automatically move to the next slot if the same slot ends up attacking 5 times in a row; this is to prevent infinite loop situations (and is very rare).

* Summons spawn into locations in a fixed order: they preference their current row, and they preference spawning right before left. Full ordering: Current-Position, Right-1, Left-1, Right-2, Left-2, Right-3, Left-3; Up/Down-Right-1, Up/Down-Left-1, Up/Down-Right-2, Up/Down-Left-2, Up/Down-Right-3, Up/Down-Left-3. (Note: [[#The Great Pumpkin|Pumpkin]] summons instead spawn based on where the respective Evil units died.)
* Anything that uses the term ‘Summon’ in its description will count as summoned and synergize appropriately. For example, animals stolen by Southern Siren or summoned from your hand with Mordred will have their stats doubled by Bearstein.

====Last Breath====
* The attacking player’s ”Last Breath” effects happen first when there are multiple triggers at the same time.
* When there are multiple ”Last Breath” effects happening simultaneously on the same side caused by multiple characters dying at the same time, they activate in ”’reverse”’ attack order. (One example of this is when a Princess Peep and a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing die together, and the Peep is positioned later in attack order, so they overwrite the 6/6 with a 1/1.)
** See also [[#Copycat|Copycat]], which activates the characters behind it in normal attack order.

====Alignment Changes====
* Hero powers and Treasures that change alignment (Good/Evil) take precedence.
** You can normally only have one source of these alignment changes at a time.
* Otherwise, alignment will be based on total alignment changes, e.g. if a tripled character has two sources of ”Evil” (from [[#Evil Twin|Evil Twin]]) and one source of ”Good” (from Beauty’s Influence), then it will be Evil. If there is a tie, then it reverts to its natural alignment.
** Alignment buffs (like other permanent buffs) persist when a character is Kissed or otherwise transformed.
* Shard of the Ice Queen merely transforms into a naturally-Evil character – it does not apply an ‘Evil’ buff to the character.

====Calculated Stats====
* Characters that have an ability giving them bonus stats work differently than normal permanent stat gains – these stats are tied to the ability rather than the character.
** Characters with calculated stats include: ”’Scion of the Storm”’, ”’Puff Puff”’, and ”’Crafty”’.
** Mihri’s hero power buffs to royals are also calculated stats.
* If one of these characters is transformed into another, it will not retain any stats granted by the ability.
* Copies created by Mirror Mirror will get their full ability stats.
* Calculated Stats characters inside a Croc Bait will get their full ability stats when they come out of the Croc.

* Her quest counter will tick down before the effect of a spell happens. This means if you target Cinder-ella with a spell that destroys or transformers her (e.g. [[#Feed the Kraken|Feed the Kraken]]) while her quest counter is at 1, you will complete the quest successfully.
** Doing this as [[#Mihri|Mihri]] currently results in no immediate buff from her hero power, but instead you will get two hero buffs the next time you triple a royal. [This is a bug.]

* See [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]].

* She is a Dwarf herself, which means a Fanny can support another Fanny for value.

====Golden Chicken====
* Upgraded Chicken sells for 4 gold.

====Humpty Dumpty====
* If tripled, you will be offered the [[#Easter Egg|Easter Egg]] treasure.
* Does not crack if it dies while transformed (Medusa, Pigomorph).
* Permanent death ability is not a Last Breath, and thus won’t interact negatively with Trophy Hunter or Muerte.
* If Humpty is cracked, they will return to the character pool.

* Upgraded Woggle gives you an upgraded character on Slay.
* The level of the character you get on a successful Slay is one higher than your current level at the time of slay.
* Transformed characters are pulled from the [[#Character Pool|pool]] (so Poly will be less likely to transform into heavily-bought characters).
* Multiple activations (e.g. from Baba Yaga) have no effect.
* If Poly survive the slay, they immediately transform to the new character on-board, with full health.
** Unlike with summons, the attack queue moves to the next character in this case, and the newly transformed character does not get to attack right away.
** If a Poly dies slaying and is revived with Phoenix Feather it will transform into a new character after reviving.
* A generated Poly (e.g. summoned from [[#Trojan Donkey|Trojan Donkey]] or stolen by Southern Siren) will not give you a new character if it slays.
* A Poly that transforms into a Lancealot with sufficient stats to complete the Quest will not immediately complete their Quest (but will still complete it normally if their stats change again, e.g. they slay). [This is a bug.]

====Ancient Mummy====
* Upgraded Mummy fires one shot that deals double damage.
* Damage from their ability does not count as a Slay.

====Brave Princess====
* A Brave Princess that has completed her quest will still count as slaying for purposes of [[#Shadow Assassin|Shadow Assassin]] and Bad Moon, but does not count as slay for any other purpose.

====Dubly / Triply====
* Does not double/triple debuffs (e.g. an enemy Robin Wood).

* Upgraded Lucky reduces the cost of a single shop character by 4.

====Ogre Princess====
* Upgraded Ogre gives you a random character of your current level.
* The max level of the character you get on a successful Slay is based on your current level at the time of Slay.
* If your hand is full, your free character will be added to the shop.
** These units will be added to the shop first, before the normal shop is filled. (This means you can have a full shop of 0-cost units created by Ogre Princess with sufficient slays.)
* You can receive multiple of the same [[#Questing Characters|Quest Character]] if acquired on the same turn from multiple Ogre slays.
* A Happy Little Tree gained via her ability will immediately receive their start-of-turn buff.

* Upgraded Romeo summons one Juliet with +14/+14.
* If Romeo and Juliet die at the same time, Juliet will still be resummoned.
* As long as any Juliet has died, each Romeo will summon a Juliet.
** If multiple Juliets have died (including Juliets that did not start on your board), the one with the highest Attack will be resummoned.
** If Juliet has been resummoned with Phoenix Feather, she is not considered to have died and Romeo will not proc his Last Breath unless Juliet died again first.

====Shadow Assassin====
* Will proc for each separate Slay effect, e.g. [[#Riverwish Mermaid|Riverwish Mermaid]] + Sad Dracula + Vain-pire will result in 3 total Assassin buffs from one Slay.

====Sleeping Princess====
* Waking her up transforms her into an Awoken Princess with 8/8 stats. This means transforming her into a new character does not transfer the +8/+0 stat bonus.
* Will not be woken up if she is randomly targeted by a spell via Genie’s Wish or Loki; you must cast a spell directly.
* Will remain awoken if targeted by Mixawizzle (after she reverts).

====Trojan Donkey====
* Upgraded Donkey summons a random unupgraded unit of your current level.
* Summoned characters are pulled from the [[#Character Pool|pool]] (so heavily-bought characters will be less-likely to be summoned).
* If [[#Falling Stars|Falling Stars]] kills one of your characters and hits Donkey at the same time with a full board, it will not result in a new character being summoned.
* If Stars causes Donkey to summon a Darkwood Creeper, then Creeper will buff all units later in attack order than the Donkey that were on board when the Falling Stars was cast.
* Cannot summon Quest units or another Trojan Donkey.
* Summoned units will not proc start-of-brawl effects (e.g. Ashwood Elm).
* If Donkey kills an enemy character and survives while you have Dracula’s Saber, the newly summoned unit will immediately get the Saber buff.

* Last Breaths behind Copycat will proc in attack order.
** If Copycat is upgraded, the Last Breaths will proc once each in attack order, and then proc a second time in attack order.
*** If a character dies during the first set of activations, Copycat won’t trigger that character’s Last Breath again for the second set.
* Other effects will happen before Copycat activates the Last Breaths behind it:
** If Copycat attacks into an enemy character with Last Breath, that Last Breath will proc first.
** If Copycat kills an enemy Monster Book while attacking and gets Pigomorphed, it will not activate its ability.
** Copycat killing an enemy character procs Dracula’s Saber immediately.
** If Copycat is your highest-attack character, it will be resummoned by Phoenix Feather before activations.
** If you copy a summon while you have Reduplicator and there is another slot free, Reduplicator will activate immediately, before any additional Copycat procs.
** If Copycat is Good (e.g. from a [[#Crown of Atlas|Crown of Atlas]]), you have a [[#Fairy Godmother|Fairy Godmother]], and Copycat dies while attacking, Godmother procs immediately.
** If you’ve cast Cat’s Call and Copycat dies attacking as the last character in your front row, the cats will be summoned before the Last Breaths proc.
* If a Last Breath character is summoned in the 2nd slot behind Copycat because of Copycat (e.g. a Croc’d character is behind it), Copycat will not activate it. (If Copycat is upgraded, it will still activate it on the 2nd set of triggers.)
* [[#Summons|Summon positioning]] starts based on the summoning unit, not from Copycat.

====Court Wizard====
* Upgraded Wizard only gains double base stats; the ability remains the same.
* Does not activate from characters dying to enemy spellcasts.
* If a royal dies to friendly fire (because of Cupid), the Court Wizard will still get a counterattack.
* Multiple Wizards will always attack in the same order; it is unknown what determines this order (it does not appear to be based on positioning, attack, or purchase timing).
* All of one side’s Wizards will finish their retaliation attacks before the opposing side’s Wizards activate.
* If a Wizard is transformed into a Pig while a royal is killed, it loses its ability and does not make a free attack.

====Fairy Godmother====
* When a Good character dies and summons another Good unit, that unit will receive the buff.
** Will not buff summons that spawn from AoE damage that killed both Godmother and a summoning character.
* If Godmother and other Good units die simultaneously, Godmother will proc exactly once.

====Friendly Spirit====
*Upgraded Spirit gives double its stats to one character.

====Grim Soul====
* Upgraded Grim Soul triggers the Slay ability of a single character twice.
* Chooses a random character with a Slay ability, then activates ALL Slay abilities on that character.
* Completely ignores other Grim Souls and Southern Siren when choosing a Slay character to target.
* Will not target a Brave Princess that has completed her Quest.

====Hungry Hungry Hippocampus====
* Will buff itself when you buy a Hippo to triple it.

* See [[#Romeo|Romeo]] for interactions.

====Lightning Dragon====
* Upgraded Lightning Dragon only gains double base stats; the ability remains the same.
* Multiple Lightning Dragons will always attack in the same order; it is unknown what determines this order (it is not based on positioning, attack, or purchase timing).
* If a Lightning Dragon spawns before the normal fight has begun (e.g. Falling Stars + [[#Trojan Donkey|Trojan Donkey]]), then it will still get its free attack.

* Upgraded Medusae make 0/3 statues.

====Monster Book====
* Casts from a limited pool of spells with direct combat effects: Falling Stars, Earthquake, Ride of the Valkyries, Blessing of Athena, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Shrivel, [[#Poison Apple|Poison Apple]], Smite, and Pigomorph.
** Notably this does not include any targeted buff spells, [[#Cat’s Call|Cat’s Call]], or Fog.
* Spells available to cast are capped by your current level.
** If you are Level 2, it will still be able to cast Tier-3 spells.
* The slot Monster Book died in will be considered empty by the time the spell is cast, allowing Falling Stars + [[#Trojan Donkey|Trojan Donkey]] to successfully summon.

====Puff Puff====
* Can be upgraded via Knighthood or if you transform another upgraded character into a Puff Puff.
* Upgraded Puff Puff gives +2/+2 to all Puffs on death.
* See also: [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]].

====Riverwish Mermaid====
* Characters she supports are fully treated as if they have Slay (e.g. for Cloak of the Assassin).
* Gained stats are applied ”before” the Last Breath effects of Friendly Spirit or Good Boy.
* Gained stats are applied ”after” the Last Breath of Ancient Mummy.

====Soltak Ancient====
* Characters that take damage that is reduced to 0 because of Soltak still proc damage-taken effects, such as [[#Trojan Donkey|Trojan Donkey]].
* Protection stays active until the current stack of effects fully resolve. This means a Soltak that dies to a [[#Doombreath|Doombreath]] or from a chain of shots fired from an Ancient Sarcophagus will still protect the characters behind it until the next attack begins.
* If a character behind a Soltak Ancient is attacked by a Cupid, it will be considered attacking and will take damage from the friendly character it attacks.

* Will give the buff in time to save other Dwarves or an Echowood from AoE damage as long as Angry is earlier in the attack order than the unit it is saving.

====Baba Yaga====
* Is more accurately worded as “adds an additional slay” rather than as a multiplier.

* Upgraded Cupid only gains double base stats; the ability remains the same.
* Causes an opponent’s character to attack based on normal attack rules – so they will attack their own front line (if present), only attacking their own back line if Flying.
* Killing your own unit because of a Cupid’s attack will still proc Slay normally.
* When a Cupid directly kills an enemy unit that is then resummoned with Phoenix Feather, the resummoned character will then immediately attack a friendly character.

* Needs to be alive and in-play to successfully proc their quest; if they get to 25 while dying via a Slay or Charon buff, they won’t be able to get the treasure until next fight.

====Rotten Apple Tree====
* Upgraded Tree only gains double base stats; the ability remains the same.
* Health reduction happens after any bonuses from attacking (e.g. Oni Tyrant).
* See also [[#Poison Apple|Poison Apple]].

====Shoulder Fairies====
* Stats based on what is visible on your board – not from hand or from inside a Croc.
* Stats are set once the fight starts; your Good/Evil characters dying will not affect their stats.
* If you do not have a Good or an Evil character, their related stat will be 1, not 0.

====Southern Siren====
* Upgraded Siren steals two copies of the Slain character.
* Stolen characters will still be buffed by your global effects like Monkey’s Paw.
* A stolen Quest Character that finishes a quest on your side will give you a treasure.
* A stolen [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]] character will be based on your side rather than your opponent’s; see that section for more details.
* Stolen characters count as summoned.
** If you steal two Bearstains with an upgraded Siren, they will buff each other.
* A stolen character that has gained temporary stats (e.g. Queen of Hearts) will still have those stats on your side.
* If you steal a 1/1 Plain Copy made by an enemy’s Mirror Mirror, you will instead summon a normal-stated Plain Copy on your side.
* If you steal a Shadow Assassin, it will immediately get buffed from Siren’s Slay.

====Wombats in Disguise====
* Upgraded Wombats summons an upgraded character that receives double its stats.
* Summoned characters are pulled from the [[#Character Pool|pool]] (so heavily-bought characters will be less-likely to be summoned).
* Cannot summon Quest characters or another Wombats.
* Summoned units will not proc start-of-brawl effects (e.g. Ashwood Elm).
* A Bearstein summoned by Wombats will not buff itself.

* Upgraded Doombreath only gains double base stats; the ability remains the same.
* If it has Slay, will count as slaying both the front-row and back-row units that it kills; each killed character counts as a separate slay.

* Gains stats immediately, at the same time as the other character gaining stats.
* Sees all bonus stats that were not present at the start of a brawl and not provide by another Echowood’s ability.
** This includes bonus stats gained from a character summoning or transformed in front of a Support.
** This includes any bonus stats granted by treasures to newly summoned or transformed characters (e.g., Echowood will get +5/+5 for each summon when you have Monkey’s Paw).
** When Tweedle Dee dies and summons Tweedle Dum, Echowood gets ”all” of those stats.
** An Ambrosia’d character is treated as if it was removed and the upgraded version added to the board. Therefore, Echowood does not see the stats gained by the character itself upgrading via Ambrosia.
*** It does see the full stats granted by a support to the characters in front of it.
*** It will see stats ”granted” by a unit upgrading via Ambrosia, e.g. an Echowood will see a Bearstain’s full +4/+4 buff for each animal you have, and an Echowood will see the stats gained from the abilities of Scion of the Storm and Shoulder Faeries
*** It also includes bonus stats granted to the Ambrosia’d unit itself, such as Fallen Angel buffs.
** Will see stats than another Echowood gains ”directly”, e.g. from Ivory Owl or Ashwood Elm.
* Will see stats granted via [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]] to characters summoned by Mirror Mirror or Croc Bait.
* Will have its stats equalized by Round Table before gaining attack or health that other characters gain from Round Table.

====The Great Pumpkin====
* Upgraded Pumpkin summons upgraded characters.
* For each Evil character that died, Pumpkin will summon an Evil character one level lower than the character that died.
** This includes the Pumpkin itself (if Evil).
** Level 2 characters will summon a 1/1 cat.
** Token units (e.g. summoned from Three Big Pigs) will not summon anything.
** Characters hit by Pigomorph or Medusa are transformed into a new unit before they die, and thus will not give Pumpkin summons.
** If more characters have died than there is room available, Pumpkin will preference summoning higher-level units.
** Units summoned by Pumpkin will spawn in the location where the associated Evil character died. Normal [[#Summons|summoning rules]] apply from there.

====Robin Wood====
* “Weakest” means the character with the lowest attack.
** If there is a tie, the character that is a lower-tier is chosen. If it is still tied, it is chosen randomly.
* Procs after Ashwood Elm. Procs before Round Table and spells (except Shrivel, which happens first).
* Multiple Robins will always proc their abilities in the same order (which can be mixed between both players); it is unknown what determines this order (it does not appear to be based on positioning, attack, or purchase timing).
* See also [[#Shrivel|Shrivel]].

====Scion of the Storm====
* See [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]].

===Misc. Treasure Info===
* Once you have taken a treasure, you will normally never be offered it again for the rest of the game.
** You have to actually take the treasure – if you select a treasure and then decide to skip, it will remain in the pool.
** [[#Easter Egg|Easter Egg]] is an exception and can be taken multiple times.
** You can also acquire duplicate treasures if you wait until the next round to pick a treasure and then gain a treasure of the same Tier during the fight from a Quest; in this case it is possible to be offered the same treasure multiple times (but not guaranteed). [This is a bug.]
*** Also possible with Quest completion + Pandora’s Box at the same time.
** This is on a per-player basis; your treasure picks do not affect other players.
** If there aren’t enough treasures available, you will be offered a treasure one level lower instead. This continues down to even lower tiers. (For example, if you have exhausted all the Tier-6s and Tier-5s, you will be offered Tier-4s.)
*** If ALL available treasures via this method have been exhausted, you will be offered treasures randomly from all applicable pools. (E.g., tripling a Tier-6 character with all Tier 2/3/4/5/6 treasures exhausted will offer you random treasures from all of Tier 2/3/4/5/6.)
**** If you still have 1-2 treasures you haven’t taken, those will always be offered alongside the other random ones.
**** This is a little buggy and may result in you being offered multiple of the same treasure.
* Treasure level is determined only when the pick dialog comes up. This means if you are acquiring multiple treasures simultaneously, taking something like Treasure Map can affect the next treasure immediately.
* If you select a treasure but do not pick a treasure to replace before time expires, and then lose a treasure during the fight (Secret Stash or Needle Nose Daggers), it will still be on the replacement list. If you select the lost treasure to replace, your new treasure will also be lost. [This is a bug.]


====Bad Moon====
* Will proc for ”’every”’ Slay effect.

====Book of Heroes====
* Is not a Slay effect.

====Bounty Board====
* Will proc for ”’every”’ Slay effect.

====Corrupted Heartwood====
* If you already have Heartwood, Crown of Atlas will not be offered to you in treasure selections.
* If you steal an enemy animal with Southern Siren while you have Corrupted Heartwood, it will correctly gain +1 attack and will display as Evil, but will not properly be counted as Evil for purposes of Wicked Witch of the West supporting it. [This is a bug.]

====Crown of Atlas====
* If you already have Crown, Corrupted Heartwood will not be offered to you in treasure selections.

====Easter Egg====
* Not part of the normal treasure pool; acquired by tripling Humpty Dumpty.
** Will always be offered when you triple Humpty, even if the other offered treasures are higher-tier.
* Can be acquired more than once in the same game.

====Fairy Tail====
* Affects the current shop immediately.
* Current shop remains upgraded if you replace this treasure with another (until you reroll).

====Locked Chest====
* For Sir Galahad, counts as a treasure found both for the original Locked Chest and for the treasure you gain 3 turns later.

====Monster Manual====
* Buff is applied before Last Breaths activate.

====Needle-nose Daggers====
* You keep the Dagger if you tie a fight.

====Noble Steed====
* If you triple a quest character by having 3 copies of it instead of completing the Quest, you still get a higher-level treasure.
* If you complete two Quests at the same time and replace Noble Steed with the first treasure, it will not apply to the second Quest completion.
* Still gives +1/+1 to Quest characters that have completed their Quests.

====Piggie Bank====
* Secret Stash, Fool’s Gold, Hidden Cache, and Prized Pig activate afterwards and do not contribute to interest gains.
* If your gold total goes over the integer cap (2147483647), it will overflow and reset to your normal 12 from the start of the round.

====Ring of Meteors====
* Does not count as a spellcast.

====Ring of Regeneration====
* Procs at the beginning of a turn (after you lose health from a fight).

====Secret Stash====
* Procs before you lose health from a fight.

====Shepard’s Sling====
* Applies to Level 1 token/summoned units (including Medusa statues).

====Crystal Ball====
* Spells newly created via Crystal Ball in a previously locked shop will not be locked with the rest of the shop. (You can still unlock and re-lock to lock the spell.)
* You do not get a new spellcast if Genie’s Wish casts a targeted spell (nor is another spell added to the shop).

====Coin of Charon====
* Level 1 token units will not count as your first dead character and thus won’t waste the buff (e.g., if you are attacked by a Medusa and the statue dies first).
* Summons created by Southern Siren can still steal the buff.
* Gives buff ”before” the Last Breath effects of Friendly Spirit or Good Boy.
** Does ”not” give the buff before the Last Breath effect of Wombats in Disguise or Tweedle Dee.
* Can immediately buff a unit that is respawned with Phoenix Feather.
* If multiple characters die at the same time (e.g. from Falling Stars), the character furthest back in attack order will receive the buff.

====Deck of Many Things====
* See [[#Monster Book|Monster Book]].

====Fool’s Gold====
* You will still have the current shop’s spell available until you roll.
* After replacing Fool’s Gold, new spells will start appearing as soon as you roll.

====Forking Rod====
* Based on the current price of the spell, so can double more expensive spells with their cost reduced.
* Does not double spells cast by [[#Black Prism|Black Prism]], [[#Monster Book|Monster Book]], or Deck of Many Things.
* Does not double spells cast earlier in the turn before you acquired Forking Rod.
* Multiple queued spells will all resolve – so e.g. if you Fork a True Love’s Kiss and triple a character with the first instance, it will then be Kissed a second time into a different upgraded character. (You still get the treasure.)

====Gloves of Thieving====
* See [[#Kidnap|Kidnap]].

* The effect is not wasted if there is no room for the extra summon to happen; it will still be available for the next summoned unit.
* Works with Phoenix Feather’s resummon.
* When copying a token created by Mirror Mirror, it will create a full-stat Plain Copy instead of a 1/1.
** Reduplicator will take precedence if you have both Mirror and Mimic.

====Summoning Portal====
* Summons that fail to happen because there is no room will not increase the amount of stats future summons get.
* Spells cast by Deck of Many Things or Monster Book increment the amount of stats future summons will get. [Probably a bug.]

* Mechanically, the game treats it like the original character is removed and the upgraded character is added to the board at the very beginning of combat.
* Does not upgrade the contents of a Croc’d character, only the Croc itself (for very little value).
* Will not upgrade characters that resummon into the Ambrosia slot – only at the beginning of combat.
* A King Arthur upgraded with Ambrosia will buff itself.

====Hand of Midas====
* Will not be used up when buying a character that you are already going to triple.

====Helm of the Ugly Gosling====
* See [[#Robin Wood|Robin Wood]].

====Staff of the Old Toad====
* If you are Level 2 or 3, your shop will only show you Tier-3 characters.
* Does not restrict other sources of gained characters, such as Hi-Ho, Ogre Princess, or Snow Angel.
* Does not affect current shop immediately.

====9th Book of Merlin====
* See [[#Monster Book|Monster Book]].

* Does not consider characters in-hand, only those on board.
* Does not apply to summoned units.
* Does apply to your starting units after they are turned into statues.
* Does apply to copies created by Mirror Mirror.
* The effect turns off if the only character of a given Tier gets statued by an enemy Medusa, or if Humpty Dumpty is your only Tier-2 and dies. [These are bugs.]

====Embiggening Stone====
* Affects the current shop immediately.
* Current shop remains upgraded if you replace this treasure with another (until you reroll).

* Works just like having an additional copy of the doubled treasure.
* As with other multiplying effects in this game, having Mimic and [[#Celestial Tiger|Celestial Tiger]] both copy a treasure results in 3 total treasure effects.
* with ”’Locked Chest”’: Will give you two Tier-3 treasures.
* with ”’Noble Steed”’: Treasures are 2 levels higher.
* with ”’Piggie Bank”’: Utilizes compound interest – you gain 1 gold for every 5 you have, then with that new gold total gain an additional 1 gold for every 5.
* with ”’Ring of Meteors”’: Will cause two separate one-damage AoE effects. The first fully resolves before the second happens.
* with ”’Rune Stones”’: Your next treasure is 2 levels higher.
* with ”’Hermes Boots”’: You will still go first against another player with Hermes Boots.
* with ”’Crystal Ball”’: Adds one additional spell to the shop (if there’s room). Does not affect spells you are able to cast this turn (beyond normal Crystal Ball effect).
* with ”’Treasure Map”’: Your next treasure is 4 levels higher.
* with ”’Horn of Olympus”’: No effect.
* with ”’Ambrosia”’: No effect.
* with ”’Hand of Midas”’: No effect.
* with ”’Helm of the Ugly Gosling”’: Two separate effects, so the targets may be different.
* with ”’Staff of the Old Toad”’: No effect.
* with ”’Mimic”’: A second Mimic (say, obtained with [[#Krampus’ Sleigh|Krampus’ Sleigh]]) will not double or be doubled by the first Mimic. Two Mimics and Sting will give your first character +30 attack.
* with ”’Phoenix Feather”’: Summons two copies of your strongest character immediately when they die (so the extra copy is lost if there isn’t room).
** If the resummoned character Slayed as it died (e.g. Jormungandr), then only the first copy will get the Slay benefit instead of both. [Probably a bug.]
* with ”’Pandora’s Box”’: No effect.
* with ”’Black Prism”’: Will copy all the ”extra” spells (so the character you directly target will only receive the buff once).
* with ”’Excalibur”’: No effect.
* with ”’Fairy Queen’s Wand”’: Will double the bonus Fairy Dust gained as well.
* with ”’Holy Grail”’: Gain an additional 1000 gold. (Effectively ‘no effect’.)
* with ”’Mirror Mirror”’: Will create an additional 1/1 Plain Copy (if there is room).
* with ”’Round Table”’: Will proc twice; usually this doesn’t matter, but can provide value in some circumstances.

====Phoenix Feather====
* Your ‘strongest character’ is checked whenever one of your characters dies.
** If a character is tied for highest attack when it dies, it will be resummoned.
** Croc summons happen before Feather activates; if there is no room, the Croc won’t be resummoned (but the Feather proc won’t be wasted).
* The revived character is considered the same exact character:
** If a character is directly killed by a Cupid (before attacking a friendly character), the revived character will immediately attack a friend.
** If a Juliet dies and is resummoned, she is not considered to have died yet for Romeo.
** If a Polywoggle dies and is resummoned, it will immediately transform if it slayed.
** a resummoned character will not count as a dead character for Pumpkin.
* Feather will only check for resummons after certain other effects first resolve:
** Ancient Mummy’s Last Breath resolves first, which could result in your 2nd-highest attack character resummoning.
** Doombreath killing multiple characters in one attack can result in your 2nd-highest attack character resummoning.
* If a Slay character dies while slaying and gets resummoned, its slay effect will be applied after the revival (so e.g. Jormungandr will gain stats).
* A Bearstein that is resummoned will not buff itself.
* If your Humpty Dumpty is your highest-attack character, it will be cracked and will not be resummoned – the proc is wasted.

====Spear of Achilles====
* Will still proc for bonus attacks made by [[#Court Wizard|Court Wizard]] or [[#Lightning Dragon|Lightning Dragon]].
* Will not cause a 0-attack minion to attack.

====Wand of Weirding====
* See [[#Forking Rod|Forking Rod]].

====Black Prism====
* Spells that normally have limited targets (e.g. Beauty’s Influence) will still target every character you have.
* Extra Prism spellcasts will not get doubled with Forking Rod or Wand of Weirding.
* Prism first casts the spell on all of the characters you ”didn’t” target, and then the normal spellcast hits the targeted character afterwards.
** With Evil Twin, the character you targeted will have priority for filling the shop (at 0-cost), so target a unit you want to prioritize.
* Every spellcast will proc Merlin’s hero power.
* Extra Prism spellcasts will not proc Potion Master’s hero power.
* Won’t activate from targeted spells cast via Genie’s Wish or Loki.

* Affects the current shop immediately.
* Current shop remains upgraded if you replace this treasure with another (until you reroll).
* Shops are rolled like normal and do not require 3 copies of the character to be available in the pool (but will removed 3 from the pool when purchased).

====Mirror Mirror====
* Last Breath effects can apply to the newly created copy immediately (notable for Good Boy).
* The copy token is created first, before any summons it would create by dying.
** Croc Bait will instead preference summoning the unit inside of it instead of the plain Croc token when there is limited room.
*** A copied Croc Bait will have nothing inside of it.
* When additional Plain Copies are created via Southern Siren stealing one or Reduplicator creating another, those Plain Copies will have normal stats instead of being 1/1s.
* A front-row character resummoned with Phoenix Feather will still count as a ‘starting character’, and can be then mirrored.
* See also [[#Calculated Stats|Calculated Stats]].

* Double-casting a cantrip spell that does not consume your spellcast (e.g. casting Potion of Heroism with a Forking Rod) will not allow you to cast additional spells beyond what is normal.
* If you have a spell in your hand that you pick up, you need to drag it to the TOP of the screen to cancel the cast; dropping it anywhere on the bottom of the screen will cast the spell.
* Spell costs will update immediately as appropriate – locking a discounted spell will not inherently keep the same discount for the next turn (and replacing Merlin’s Hat with another treasure will increase spell costs right away).

====Eenie Meenie====
* Can give a Merlin buff to the unit acquired by it.
* Will not proc Cinder-ella’s quest or buff a Wizard’s Familiar gained via this spell.
* Will not trigger any effects which require “buying”, such as flipping a Lonely Prince to a Frog.
* If you triple a Wizard’s Familiar by gaining one via Eenie Meenie, the Familiar will not see a spellcast (and thus will not correctly gain their buff). [This is a bug.]
* If Eenie is cast to no effect, it still counts as a spellcast.

====For Glory====
* Natural XP gain happens before the spell activates, which can give you a higher level character.
* Gained character will appear in the shop if your hand is full.

====Forbidden Fruit====
* Can kill you.

====Genie’s Wish====
* Casts a random spell (capped by your current level) from this combined spell pool:
** Untargeted: Eenie Meenie, Free Roll, For Glory, Forbidden Fruit, Shrink Spell, Candy Rain, Earthquake, Falling Stars, Gingerbread Party, Kidnap, Spinning Gold, Turkish Delight, Wish Upon a Star, Blessing of Athena, Cat’s Call, Fireball, Hi Ho!, Lightning Bolt, Masquerade Ball, Ride of the Valkyries, Toil & Trouble, Poison Apple, Shrivel, Fog, It Was All a Dream, Pigomorph, Smite.
** Targeted: Magic Research, Sugar and Spice, Witch’s Brew, Beauty’s Influence, Flourish, Luna’s Grace, Worm Root, Burning Palm, Merlin’s Test, Stoneskin, Queen’s Grace, Evil Twin, Gigantify, Hugeify, Knighthood.
*** Note that this list does not include any potentially ruinous transformative or consume effects like True Love’s Kiss, Feed the Kraken, or Croc Bait. (But it does include Beauty’s Influence.)
*** Targeted spells will only cast on legal targets.
* Counts as two spellcasts (e.g. for Merlin or Scion of the Storm).
* Random targeted spells do not count as purchased, and have no synergy with any with any other effects (Crystal Ball, Potion Master, Black Prism, etc. all have no effect).

====Shard of the Ice Queen====
* This spell is not an alignment change – it simply transforms to an appropriate-level naturally-Evil character.
** So if you cast it on a character that has Beauty’s Influence, the new character will still be Good-aligned after the transformation.
* If you have Corrupted Heartwood, Shard will still only give you a naturally-Evil character.

====Candy Rain====
* Buff will also apply to any character that transformed this turn, such as a Brave Princess completing her quest or a Mixawizzle’d character.
** This also includes a character that was Mixawizzle’d the turn before and has now reverted.
** This includes a unit that was temporarily transformed by a combat effect (Medusa, Pigomorph) during the previous fight.
** Completing Cinder-ella’s quest by casting Candy Rain will buff her.
* Buff only applies once to a character you tripled this turn (even if you acquired multiple pieces of it this turn).
* Buff will not apply to characters gained by Ogre Princess. [Likely a bug.]
* Buff will not apply to Kidnapped characters. [Likely a bug.]

* Gained character will appear in the shop if your hand is full (filling the shop before other characters do).
** If you are Potion Master or Pied Piper, the stolen units will ”’not”’ go into the shop – make sure you have hand space available.
* Will not steal Level 1 units (token summons).
* Stolen characters are taken exactly as they are when they died:
** A stolen Croc will come with its contents as well.
** If you steal a Quest Character as it completes its quest, you will receive an unupgraded character without a quest.
** If they were Mixawizzled, you will receive the Mixed unit and it will not revert.
** They will not benefit from enemy Charon buffs.
** They will not receive enemy Slay buffs.
** A stolen [[#Humpty Dumpty|Humpty Dumpty]] will give you an intact copy.
** A stolen Polywoggle will only be a Woggle, not what it transformed into.
* If multiple units die at the same time (e.g. from a Doombreath), the one stolen will be the furthest-back in attack order.

* Cannot give you Quest characters.
* Will not give you the same Tier-6 character you cast it on.
* Transformed characters are pulled from the [[#Character Pool|pool]] (so targets will be less likely to transform into heavily-bought characters).
* If you further transform a Mixed character, it will stay as the new unit and not revert.
** This includes casting transformative spells on it: Shard of the Ice Queen, True Love’s Kiss, Knighthood.
** This includes tripling it.
** This includes putting it inside a [[#Croc Bait|Croc Bait]].
** This includes a character that is Mix’d into a Sleeping Princess that is then woken up by another spell.
** This does not include a character that was only Mixed multiple times; it will fully revert.
** This does not include Ambrosia; the character will still fully revert.
* A Sleeping Princess targeted by Mix will be Awoken when it reverts.
* The character reverts before beginning-of-turn effects proc (so Happy Little Tree will still gain its +0/+2).

====True Love’s Kiss====
* Will not give you the same Tier-6 character you cast it on.
* Transformed characters are pulled from the [[#Character Pool|pool]] (so targets will be less likely to transform into heavily-bought characters).

====Cat’s Call====
* Triggers as soon as your front row is empty, even if you have other summons happening. (This can result in fewer than 4 cats being summoned.)
* Will still activate normally if your front row starts empty (even if your entire board is empty).
** This happens immediately – so the cats will spawn before Ivory Owl procs for example.

====Feed the Kraken====
* If you consume a Cinder-ella with 1 tick left on her quest, you will still finish the quest.
** If you are Mihri, you will not immediately gain a hero power stack in this situation; instead, you will gain two stacks the next time you triple a royal. [This is a bug.]

* Gained character will appear in the shop if your hand is full.
* Gained character will receive the +1/+1 buff as long as it appears in your hand. (If it appears in the shop, it will not gain the buff.)

====Masquerade Ball====
* Bonus stats or price reductions (from Mad Catter, Embiggening Stone, or Lucky) will transfer to the new higher-level characters.

====The End====
* See [[#Feed the Kraken|Feed the Kraken]].

====Poison Apple====
* A character poisoned by Apple that survives will spontaneously die later in the fight if its stats are recalculated for any reason: this will happen if any unit that is successfully Supporting it (including Heartwood Elder) or providing it with any buff (e.g. Labyrinth Minotaur) dies. [This is a bug.] [This may be inconsistent or have changed in Patch 64.2 to only die when health buffs are lost; requires further testing.]
* Reviving a Poisoned animal with Phoenix Feather when you have Bearstain in play will still leave them at 1 HP instead of doubling.

* Stats are tracked negative even when they display as ‘0’. For example, If a 5/20 character gets -12/-12, it will show as a 0/8, but will be tracked as a -7/8, meaning if it gains +2/+1 from a Dracula’s Saber proc, it’ll only be a -5/9 (and thus still have 0 effective attack).

====Croc Bait====
* The Croc is a Tier-6 Evil Animal, and will synergize appropriately.
* Can be tripled if you have 3 separate Crocs.
** You will receive a Tier-6 treasure.
** The upgraded Croc will summon everything summoned by the combined Crocs.
* If you swallow a Quest Character, it can complete its quest and upgrade like normal.
* Knighthood or Ambrosia used on the Croc will not affect characters inside the Croc, and only upgrade the Croc itself (resulting in double base stats and no additional ability).
* When a character is summoned from a Croc, that is treated as the original character rather than a copy of the character.
** This means that if they are permanently buffed during the combat (e.g. via a Monster Book casting Blessing of Athena or dying with Monster Manual), that buff will be retained when the character is summoned again in a later brawl.
** If more instances of the Croc’d character are summoned (e.g. via Copycat), those characters are treated as copies; only the first one summoned is the “original” (unless the first one dies, in which case the next one summoned is now the “original”; this can happen multiple times).
*** All buffs (both permanent and temporary) received by the original will also be present on further copies of the original during that brawl.
**** If multiple Bearstain buffs would be present because of this, Bearstein ignores the ‘doubling’ buffs of other Bearsteins when determining the stats it adds via ‘doubling’.
** If Humpty Dumpty is inside a Croc and dies, they will not be permanently destroyed and will still spawn normally in the next fight.

====’Drink Me’ Potion====
* Eenie Meenie and Shrink Spell will do nothing in a shop that has no characters in it.

====Evil Twin====
* “Plain Copy” means a completely default copy of the character, so Quest Characters will have a full new quest.
** This also means a copied Croc Bait will be empty with nothing inside.
* Does not affect alignment of units that get summoned by the Evil Twin, only the character itself.

====It Was All a Dream====
* Will not give you bonus HP when switching into a hero that starts with more than 40 HP.
* You can Dream into heroes you do not own.
* You will not be offered any hero you have already been this game or any hero a living opponent is currently playing as (or is currently being offered via their own Dream).
** Heroes are immediately back in the pool as soon as someone swaps out of them, so you can potentially swap into an opponent’s hero if they swapped out earlier in the turn or if they conceded.
** You will be offered heroes you have already been previously if you exhaust all other options. (Heroes you haven’t selected will be offered first, and any remaining slots will be random.)
* Gained spells from becoming a new hero will appear in the shop if your hand is full. (But you will generally be unable to cast them unless you lock the shop and cast them the following turn.)
* You will lose any hero-specific stacks you have acquired (e.g. from Mihri or Peter Pants) when you become a new hero.
* Otherwise, Dream generally gives as much benefit as possible for switching into a new hero:
** to ”’Apocalypse”’: Your hand and board will be replaced with seven Tier-6s.
** to ”’Gwen”’: You gain a Knighthood.
** to ”’Headless Horseman”’: You gain 3 copies of Kidnap.
** to ”’Loki”’: Does not cast a spell immediately.
** to ”’Mask”’: You gain 2 copies of It Was All a Dream.
** to ”’Mihri”’: You retroactively gain ability stacks for royals you have already tripled earlier in the game.
** to ”’Morgan le Fay”’: You immediately gain 0-2 treasures as appropriate, depending on your current HP.
** to ”’Peter Pants”’ (at Level 6): You stay Level 6, and your Shop gains three +1/+1 stacks immediately. (You will then gain more shop stacks as Pants normally does.)
*** to Pants below Level 6: You stay your current level (and gain appropriate Shop stacks). Not recommended.
*** Your shop will also now sell XP spells (which will advance Pants’ shop upgrade counter like normal).
** to ”’Pied Piper”’: Extra animal does not appear in the shop until you roll.
** to ”’Potion Master”’: Extra spell does not appear in the shop until you roll.
** to ”’Sir Galahad”’: No benefit from past treasures.
** to ”’Skip”’: You immediately gain 2 XP.
** to ”’Wonder Waddle”’: Immediately triple appropriate animal pairs.

* Does not give you a treasure.
* When cast on a Quest Character, it will retain its current quest status.

==Start of Combat Timing==
* Effects in a given timing step happen randomly, so you can’t e.g. control for Robin Wood vs Gosling going first.
* If new effects happens (e.g. a Shrivel kills a Monster Book), it will be fully resolved before moving to the next step.

1) Ambrosia<br>
2) Ivory Owl, King Arthur, Heartwood Elder, Lordy, Toil and Trouble, Jumping Beans<br>
3) Ashwood Elm<br>
4) Robin Wood, Helm of the Ugly Gosling<br>
5) Round Table<br>
6) Poison Apple<br>
7) Other Combat Spells<br>
8) Ring of Meteors<br>
9) Lightning Dragon’s Free Attack

==Other Stuff==
* If your rating is 3000 or higher, you gain or lose between 6 and 16 MMR for each opponent you beat or lose to, depending on your difference in rating.
** Legend (3000-3999) MMR gains for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th are capped at a minimum of 50/25/10/1, so if you would gain less than this it is raised to the minimum.
* Available shop time is based on the game estimating how long the longest fight in the previous round took. This estimation is not perfect, so it’s (rarely) possible to have only a very short time or even no time at all if you were in a very long fight.
* Any effect that says “buy” refers specifically to buying a character or spell from the shop. For example, a royal gained with an Eenie Meenie will not flip a Lonely Prince.
* If you buy a character during an extended animation (e.g., Forking Rod + Feed the Kraken), it may disappear temporarily due to a bug. It will become visible again next round, or you can make it come back by moving a different character into the slot it was in.
* To cancel a spellcast from hand, you need to drag it to the top of the screen, not back to your hand.

==Things to Test / Verify==
Loose, non-formal list of things that need testing or verification. Add notes or contact Twinge if you have hard data on any of these:

* Mirror Mirror procs before Mordred summon, yes?
* Does Mordred Summon receive the Ark buff? (And do characters – or at least, the to-summon character – count for fulfilling Ark somehow?)
* Piper: – Pulls independent of the normal char pool, but does this mean equal odds for tier-6 as others, or still 10-15?
* Does Apoc get gains from Ogre/Kidnap on 5.2?
* Dream into Gala w/ Cinder procing = it does NOT get buffs (or is inconsistent?? I’ve seen both??) [One proposal is that it’s based on acquire order of Cindy vs the Dream spell.]
* Trophy Hunter – Romeo still procs slays (e.g. Bounty) w/o Juliet, right?
* Mask into Sphinx at Level x.2, but don’t choose the new hero until the next turn – works for Sphinx or no?
* Mordred always tie-breaks for highest-level?

* Is Juliet HP after running into apple tree fixed/consistent?
** current expectation: negative modifier based on the HP at the time from supports/etc., that doesn’t stick with Juliet but the total negative modifier does. Test with a couple different perm and non-perm buffs.
* Multiple quest completions in the same brawl – just random? [Doesn’t seem to be position or which completed first]
* If Cupid hits an enemy Doombreath, can that Doombreath kill itself with its own AoE?
* Doombreath vs Feather — will only result in the wrong resummon if the 2nd highest attack is backline, or?
* Poison bug now only happens when health buffs are lost instead of all situations??
* does Lightning dragon’s bonus attack respect Hermes Boots?
* Verify Ogre gains no longer affected by Gingerbread/Excalibur.
* Robin timing across players – random or based on first attacker?

* does Ark help the Juliet resummon?
* timing of Wand & Prism’s bonus casts (which is first)
* Ring of Meteors DIFFERENT timing and results to Falling Stars, and CAN get Donkey to summon into a space left by a dying 1-HP minion??
* Summon Portal – does the counter change with Medusa?
* Prism hits targets at random? (besides targeted always being last)
* Locked Chest APPEARS to proc after quest completions; get more data
* Can you also get duplicate treasures via Morgan or Locked Chest?
* Combined units from Prism Evil Twin – if you have say two does it triple first or do they both get hit? (if room)
* Hidden Cache – won’t hit summons if it can possibly avoid doing so?
* Excalibur does not remove 3 from the pool?
* Does pandora also give you lower level treasures if the 7s are exhausted?
* Poly in Ambro slot getting Cupid’d and then slaying doesn’t end up transforming??

* Snowflaking an Evil-Good unit – still can’t ever give the same unit? (E.g. a Good Minotaur can’t become a Minotaur again)
* If eenie meanie a quest char with full hand+board, is it removed from pool?
* If you have a mix’d unit and steal the triple for it, do you complete the triple or revert the mix first? [Or, if you Poly into it]
* Does Gold Croc always summon in the same order you Croc’d them in?
* Ogre Princess + Full Hand + Level 4+ Piper? (Any diff than Kidnap?)
* Casting Drink Me while have Fool’s Gold – empty shop or normal?
* Croc’d Triply doesn’t get triple stats anymore??