Save File Download:
Save File Location:
  • %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Eremite Games\Against the Storm

To edit the save file yourself, open in a text editor with the game closed:

  • “metaCurrencies” is how much of each currency you have available, change the numbers as desired.
  • “highestWonDifficulty” will unlock later Prestige levels. Add 2 to get the max available Prestige, e.g. replace the current number with “22” to unlock thru Prestige 20.
  • “level” is your current level progression, which unlocks buildings and other things (maxes at 20).
  • Individual deeds can be activated by changing “completed” from false to true; find and replace to activate them all.

After saving and launching the game, you may be asked to sync with the cloud – choose the local/newer file to keep.

Other profiles will have their MetaSave file within subfolders.

Achievement Unlocks:
  • Variable. Tied to Deed completions; the ‘No Deeds’ file will not unlock achievements.
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