Save File Download:
  • Standard (Right Click -> Save Link As)
  • Newbie-Friendly (Same as above but tutorial information will still show up)
Save File Location:
  • %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\CobaltCore\Slot0

These save files have no story progression or artifact/card collection, so you can still experience that naturally. (You will only miss a few minor bits regarding the introduction of new characters.)

You can put the save file into a different Save Slot if desired – if so, open it and change the text right at the top that says “slot”:0 to “slot”:1 or “slot”:2, and place it in the appropriate folder (0 is the top slot, 1 the middle, and 2 the last).

To edit the save file yourself, open Save.json and change these two entries:

  • “unlockedChars”:[“goat”,”shard”,”eunice”,”hacker”,”colorless”]
  • “unlockedShips”:[“ares”,”gemini”,”jupiter”,”boat”]
Achievement Unlocks:
  • Yes. All but 1 achievement is based on the unlocks.
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