Save File Download:
Save File Location:
  • %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Mechanibot\

Note: The official maximum ‘solar level’ (difficulty tier) is 6 – this save file allows you to go beyond 6 to continue increasing enemy damage if desired.

I’ve tried to keep as many of the tutorial checks enabled as possible, so you should still get the basics when you start your first run if you’re new to the game. In the main hub area, you can select your wrench type on the left, reset your meta-progression upgrades in the middle, choose your starting mod on the right, and start a run at the top.

If you’d like to use a different save slot for this file (it defaults to slot 3), change the name to e.g. and change the ‘currentSave’ value inside the file to “”.

You can also edit the save file yourself, tho there are a lot of individual flags to change. The currency values give you meta-currency to spend freely; setting ‘expeditionsCount’ to 2+ gives you access to starting mods; setting ‘wins’ to 1+ unlocks infinite mode; ‘solarLevelUnlocked’ to 6+ to open up higher difficulty levels; and several missions need to be set to true to unlock all the units.

Achievement Unlocks:
  • Approximately half, mostly unit-unlocks. You can choose to not activate the ‘Repair the Sun’ achievement (in the Missions list) until you’ve actually won a run, if desired.
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