Save File Download:
Save File Location:
  • %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Shiny Shoe\MonsterTrain\

Replace your metagameSave.json file with this one. This includes unlocks for The Last Divinity DLC. All the stats, clan completions, and card masteries will be a blank slate, so you can still track them yourself if desired.

To edit the save file yourself, open metagameSave.json in a text editor with the game closed:

  • To unlock all Covenants, Change “maxAscensionLevel” to 26.
  • To get all the unlocks for each clan, Change “level” for each “classID” to 10.
  • Optionally copy in the contents of “discoveredCardIDs”, “discoveredRelicIDs”, and “discoveredChampionUpgradeIDs” from the downloaded file to count everything as ‘discovered’ in the Logbook; and optionally copy the contents of “unlockedMasteryFrameTypes” to have access to all Card Frames.
Achievement Unlocks:
  • Minimal? Untested, but there are at most about a dozen unlock-related achievements that will trigger.
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