These save files are ones I haven’t had the time/ability to test/clean-up, files that are less than 100%, etc. Directories and completion estimates are provided where I have them. Any file that doesn’t download directly should be downloaded via Right Click -> Save As. In short: as-is but likely much better than nothing.

Backpack Hero:
  • Save
  • ~60% Unlocked
  • AppData\LocalLow\TheJaspel\Backpack Hero
  • If you also want Story Mode progress with everything unlocked, grab these two files as well: StoryMeta & StoryOverworld. These take the 3rd save slot (and should be copied over with nothing in the 3rd save slot). Loading the campaign file will give only the 40 Residents achievement.
Circadian Dice:
  • Save
  • ~80% Unlocked?
Dead Cells:
  • Save
  • C:\Steam\userdata\{ID}\588650\remote
  • Save
  • C:\Steam\userdata\{ID}\401710\remote
For the King:
  • Save
  • AppData\LocalLow\IronOak Games\FTK\save
Gunfire Reborn:
Into the Breach:
Lucky Hero:
  • Save
  • AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\LuckyHero
  • This has all the unlocks available after 1 game and tons of currency to buy any more; does not have Ascensions or Summoner Class
  • Save
  • AppData\LocalLow\bolang\Magicraft
One Step From Eden:
  • Save
  • Steam\userdata\{USER ID}\960690\Remote
  • Probably everything other than a few outfits?
Ring of Pain:
  • Save
  • AppData/LocalLow/Twice Different/Ring of Pain/{Bunchanumbers}
  • Probably outdated with some more recent updates?
  • Probably hits a lot of achievements
  • Save
  • AppData/Local/Roboquest
  • Named differently from the normal save file (so doesn’t replace it), but placing it in the directory should work.
  • Has a whole bunch of wrenches and a fully unlocked talent tree. (It does not have the gadgets or power crystals.)
Tales & Tactics:
  • Save
  • AppData/Local/TalesAndTactics/Saved/SaveGames
The Void Rain Upon Her Heart:
  • Save
  • AppData\Local\The_Void_Rains_Upon_Her_Heart\save files
  • Lots of game updates, so probably 50-60% now? But has most of the important stuff like playable characters?
Vivid Knight:
  • Save
  • AppData/LocalLow/Asobism/Vivid Knight/Database
  • ~85%? All the main meta unlocks but missing some difficulties


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