This is a collection of save files that I haven’t had the time to test, clean-up, get to 100%, etc. Directories and completion estimates are provided where I have them. Any file that doesn’t download directly should be downloaded via Right Click -> Save As.

So yeah: as-is, untested, but likely much better than nothing.

Circadian Dice:
  • Save
  • ~80% Unlocked?
Dead Cells:
  • Save
  • C:\Steam\userdata\{ID}\588650\remote
  • Save
  • C:\Steam\userdata\{ID}\401710\remote
For the King:
  • Save
  • AppData\LocalLow\IronOak Games\FTK\save
Gunfire Reborn:
Into the Breach:
One Step From Eden:
  • Save
  • Steam\userdata\{USER ID}\960690\Remote
  • Probably everything other than a few outfits?
Ring of Pain:
  • Save
  • AppData/LocalLow/Twice Different/Ring of Pain/{Bunchanumbers}
  • Probably outdated with some more recent updates?
  • Probably hits a lot of achievements
Tales & Tactics:
  • Save
  • AppData/Local/TalesAndTactics/Saved/SaveGames
The Void Rain Upon Her Heart:
  • Save
  • AppData\Local\The_Void_Rains_Upon_Her_Heart\save files
  • Lots of game updates, so probably 50-60% now? But has most of the important stuff like playable characters?
Tiny Rogues:
Vivid Knight:
  • Save
  • AppData/LocalLow/Asobism/Vivid Knight/Database
  • ~85%? All the main meta unlocks but missing some difficulties


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